Search Engines See Links as Votes. The More Votes You Have, The Stronger Your Website Becomes

However, not all links are created equal. Quality and relevance are still key factors in link building, just as they are for content. As our websites need strong user experiences, responsive design and unique quality content, they also need links of quality and relevance.

Links alongside a sound digital strategy puts you in a strong position to obtain key rankings and traffic, which can translate into leads, customers and revenue.

White Hat Link Building Plays a Crucial Role In:

  • Improved Authority and Trustworthiness
  • Increased Organic Traffic
  • Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

White Hat Link Building is Launch That’s Core Competency.

At Launch That, we specialize in crafting strategic link building solutions that empower your brand online. Our expertise and commitment to quality ensure that your website secures the best-in-class links, boosting your online presence, search engine rankings, and overall success.

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We Strictly Adhere to Search Engine Best Practices.

Unlike Black Hat Link Building, White Hat Link Building uses ethical and sustainable practices to acquire quality backlinks by focusing on building a strong online presence. In order to uphold this, we do not partake in the following:

  • Buying or selling links
  • Link exchanges
  • Excessive guest posting
  • The use of automated services
  • Outreach to low quality directory sites

We Win Google Over, One Link at a Time

We follow search engine guidelines for link building – every link we build goes through a manual, detailed approval process to ensure the highest quality and relevancy that consists of:

  • Prospecting

    We actively search for opportunities to secure valuable link placements on high-quality and relevant websites within our partners’ industries.

  • Outreach

    As an extension of your brand, we carefully craft and send personalized emails to highlight the exceptional quality and relevance of our partners’ content, explaining why it’s a perfect fit for the website.

  • Building Relationships

    Our journey begins by establishing genuine relationships with website owners. Through meaningful correspondence, we offer additional context and address any questions about the information. Building trust and credibility is pivotal in securing link placements

  • Earning the Link

    Our method focuses on introducing valuable content to a receptive audience while fostering trust with website owners. This strategy places us in a strong position to earn valuable links from these websites.

Why Choose Launch That:

We Prioritize Building Strategic Partnerships

We focus on long-term success for our partners through quality content creation, effective marketing, and strategic link building to establish our partners as industry authorities in the eyes of search engines.

We Deliver Data-Driven Results

We use proprietary software to measure and improve the success of our off-site SEO efforts. We use the data we collect to optimize our campaigns based on audience, messaging, and content allowing us to stay agile and adapt constantly, positioning our partner’s websites to achieve their online visibility and conversion goals.

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We are Invested in Your Success

We are an extension of your team. When we are aligned with our partners, that puts us in a position to succeed. Our collaborative approach fosters trust, transparency, and shared success, making us a valuable asset in achieving your goals.

We Practice What We Preach

We’ve built tens of thousands of high-quality links for the brands we own and operate in highly competitive spaces. Our track record reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional results that drive growth and visibility.

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We Build Links from Real Websites, Run By Real People, With a Real Purpose.

To create a natural backlink profile, you need links from real websites, not those filled with scraped content. The links we build include, but are not limited to:

  • College Icon
    Colleges and universities
  • Town Icon
    Towns and municipalities
  • Government Icon
    State Governments
  • Nonprofit Organization Icon
    Nonprofits and charities
  • Housing Icon
    Housing authorities
  • Corporation Icon
    Large corporations
  • Small Business Icon
    Small businesses
  • Library Icon
    Public libraries

Our Work

For over a decade, Launch That has built over 35,000 links. Our projects and our partners’ project performance speak to our success. Logo

Annuity.orgSept’ 21 - Sept’ 23

High-Quality .edu & .gov links have elevated our Domain Authority and established us as a trusted source of information in Google’s eyes.

+281% Increase in Organic Traffic
+1,334 Total Links Built, 11.5% From .Edu/.Gov Pages
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Consistent link building over the years has driven sustained success and high traffic in a fiercely competitive market.

Maintained Top Positions for High-CPC Keywords in an Extremely Competitive Industry for Over 10 Years
+2340 Total Links Built, 22% are to Targeted Pages
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Targeted page linkbuilding strategies have driven significant rank increases to a variety of pages that drive key business results.

+288% Increase in Organic Traffic
+751 Total Links; 23% Targeted Pages
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Client in the Addiction Rehab Industry

Through linkbuilding, our client was able to achieve increased brand recognition and high levels of growth within just 18 months

+3107% Increase in Organic Traffic
+660 Total Links
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Client in the Addiction Recovery Telehealth Industry July 22’ - March 23’

Our client saw significant growth in keyword rankings in an 8 month period, leading to organic traffic increases.

+186% Increase in Organic Keyword Ranking Positions 1-10
+373 Total Links
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