About Us

Launch That is a technology and services company dedicated to maximizing the return on your lead generation efforts.

Our Team

We’re in the digital problem-solving business, and that takes smart people across a variety of skill sets. Our teams collaborate with one another and with our clients to produce all-around excellence that shows up on the bottom line every quarter.

We Are

  • Salesforce & Marketing Consultants
  • Digital & Social Media Marketers
  • Web & User Experience Designers
  • Salesforce Administrators & Developers
  • Web & Application Developers
  • Content Curators

Meet Our Leadership

  • Gene Apelado Co-founder and CEO
  • Alan Schmadtke Chief People Officer
  • David Palombo Chief Marketing Officer
  • Jon Robinson Chief Operating Officer
  • Chris Greenwood Chief Financial Officer

Our Culture

We're a fun-loving, hard-working, marketing and technology company that believes in personal and professional growth.

Our Values

Our Core Values are summed up by this phrase: I Am EPIC. Our values are Integrity, Agility, Excellence, Passion, Innovation and Community.

  • Integrity
  • Agility
  • Excellence
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Community


Our once-quaint digital marketing conference grew up over the past three years. This employee-only, one-day event features experts from around the country who ensure we keep pushing the technology envelope.


We believe in helping others. That’s why we built a record-busting fundraising website for Orlando in the aftermath of the Pulse shooting and created DefendYourRights.com to help ensure individual freedoms.

Market Leaders

Our mission to harness the power of the internet to provide vital services to the world shines through when we implement Salesforce for clients and launch updates to websites.

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