About Us

Launch That was founded in 2007 as a privately held digital marketing startup. After establishing ourselves as an industry leader and following a recent spinoff of our technology group, we’re now 60 strong. We create online brands and businesses, and we market them. We also perform key marketing services for some of our partners. Our leaders seek growth, opportunities and constant challenges.

Our Mission

At Launch That, our mission is to connect people to extraordinary resources. This carries multiple meanings. We like visitors of our business websites to enjoy real, authentic and trustworthy experiences. We also want to provide them a way to get in touch with products and services that potentially can change their lives in a meaningful way. Inside our walls, we like to think that we give our Rocketeers the tools, time and training to do their jobs well and in ways that make them feel empowered and satisfied.

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Our Vision

The company’s vision is: Creating the most valuable digital brands. At its core, Launch That builds (and rebuilds) brands. Some we create from scratch, others we discover and rebrand. But our vision statement also speaks to our entrepreneurial spirit here. We seek opportunities and new partnerships. And we enjoy venturing into new worlds.

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Our Team

We’re in the digital problem-solving business, and that takes smart people across a variety of skillsets: organic and paid marketing, front end and back end web developers, social media marketers, content writers and editors, and UX/UI and web designers. We all have one aim – excellence.

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    Our team consists of experts in the field of organic and paid search and social media marketing. Our goal is to use inbound marketing to capture as many potential customers through our web properties. Staying on top of industry trends and new strategies is what helps us edge out the competition.

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    Balancing technology and performance is key to our success. We’re experts at building and maintaining fast, flexible websites with integrated features that meet the needs of our team as well as our customers.

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    We believe form follows function. From wireframes and user testing to markup and browser testing, we deliver products and interfaces that are beautiful, functional and valuable to audiences.

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    Our staff of award-winning writers, editors and social media experts research and produce web pages, blog posts and news articles about a variety of topics. Their goal: Craft enriching content about a particular subject. We also develop podcasts and videos.

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    Have you heard? We live in a world of Big Data. Our analytics team does much more than create dashboards to give us snapshots of our work.

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    Our project managers keep us on task and on time. They ensure that our various teams have what they need to do their jobs efficiently and can produce quality work.

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    We call this team our MARS team. Why? Because they’re in charge of making awesome, reusable stuff. This group of creatives and coders solve problems and then apply them across our various teams.

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    Our folks in finance, IT, human resources and office administration support all our teams with the goal of seamless service.

Meet Our Leadership

  • Gene Apelado, Co-founder and CEO Gene Apelado Co-founder and CEO
  • Chris Greenwood, CFO Chris Greenwood Chief Financial Officer
  • David Palombo, CMO David Palombo Chief Marketing Officer
  • Alan Schmadtke, CPO Alan Schmadtke Chief People Officer

Our Core Values

We guide ourselves at work with one acronym: PACE. This stands for Passion and Excellence are our anchors embracing Agility and Community. These are our core values, four ideas that we live and breathe through our words, actions and interactions.

  • Illustration of a sword Passion
  • Illustration of wings Agility
  • Illustration of community Community
  • Illustration of a shooting star Excellence

What Makes Us Special

Rocketeers who experience the most success with us are those who bring their passion to their keyboards every day, regardless of role. They have a fondness for teammates and embrace the learning process.

Company Events

Company Events

We live to celebrate successes, big or small. And if we can’t celebrate, we’ll find another reason to enjoy ourselves. We dress up at Halloween. We hold big potlucks. Our owners also approve a number of official company events each year: a movie, trivia, bowling, a company picnic or our very own Epic Race through downtown. (Don’t get us started on the annual holiday party.)



LaunchCon is our annual digital conference, one designed to benefit our employees and business partners. We bring in experts, leaders, teachers and speakers from various places in the digital world and ask them to educate us. We’ve found that LaunchCon inspires and motivates our Rocketeers and jump-starts us as a company to think about new ways to be smarter, faster and better.

Community Outreach


We like to get involved. It’s part of our corporate DNA. Our employees vote at the beginning of the year about which local non-profits to support. Beta House, Ronald McDonald House and Orlando Union Rescue Mission are among them, and new to the list is Pet Rescue by Judy. We’ve also participated in events for Feeding Children Everywhere and Clean the World.

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One project close to our hearts at Launch That was the ability to help the survivors and family members of the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016. We played a minor role in raising awareness and money in the aftermath of the tragedy, but we’re happy to have done it. “It” was volunteering to design and build in one day the OneOrlando.org website on behalf of the City of Orlando. (The site has since been redesigned.) We felt honored to use our talents in this way.

Community Outreach

Academy of Ability

The Academy of Ability is a local school that provides challenging, individualized learning plans for children with physical and learning disabilities. Several Launch That employees offered their time to help the school rebrand itself with a new logo, a modern website and the ability to raise money and connect with parents and supporters online.

Sound like a good place to work?

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