May 10, 2019 · Orlando, FL

What is LaunchCon?

LaunchCon is a one-day conference in downtown Orlando that focuses on digital marketing and ramping up the professional growth of our team. Over the years, this has been our way of bringing cutting-edge training, mentoring and insights from renowned experts to our employees.

It is a day of learning, questioning and inspiration. (There’s also a happy hour at the end of the day that really connects presenters to the talented people on our staff.)

Our Guest Speakers

  • Abby Covert


    Abby Covert is an information architect who specializes in building – and teaching how to build -- a collaborative information architecture process. She is the author of “How to Make Sense of Any Mess,” a seven-step process for how to navigate through various chaotic intersections of people and information. She works closely with designers and developers but also with marketers, writers and other business people about how to communicate in the same language for the sake of ongoing clarity (and happiness). Abby has a full-time role with Etsy and also has a global list of clients, including some on the Fortune 500. This is her first trip to LaunchCon. She will talk about how to organize designs and development around the correct language.

  • Rhea Drysdale

    Outspoken Media

    Rhea is co-founder and CEO of Outspoken Media, a New York-based digital marketing agency that provides industry-leading services, including the areas of SEO and content. As someone with a variety of experiences – with start-ups, retailers and Fortune 1000 companies – she is heavily involved in overall client strategy, SEO, digital content strategy and online reputation management. She is a veteran speaker in marketing circles, including earlier this year in PubCon Florida. In Rhea’s second appearance at LaunchCon, she will talk about content strategy, quality and optimization, including some tips, tricks and tools to make marketing easier and more efficient.

  • Marie Haynes

    Marie Haynes Consulting

    Marie is the head of Marie Haynes Consulting, Inc., a company that provides expert-level help on website content related to Google search. For more than a decade, Marie was a successful veterinarian. Then her side business of helping webmasters (including herself) figure out Google’s search updates began demanding more time than her animal clients did. And so she became an SEO in 2008. Since, she has helped many businesses untangle their website issues. Marie and Launch That are well-acquainted with each other, and this is her initial visit for LaunchCon. She will update us on the latest algo updates from Google – and what may be next.

  • Ross Hudgens

    Siege Media

    Ross is the founder of Siege Media, a 7-year-old and fast-growing digital marketing agency in San Diego and Austin, Texas. The agency provides strategic and grass-roots initiatives and solutions for clients across the country. Prior to Siege Media, Ross worked in the ever-competitive insurance and mortgage industries, creating top-ranking websites in both niches. A native Californian, he splits his time between Siege’s two offices and travels the world for both business and leisure. Unlike some of his peers, Ross is also an investor in other startups. His topic for LaunchCon is related to content marketing through link building.

  • Kelsey Jones

    Six Stories

    Kelsey is the CEO of Six Stories, a content marketing company based in Kansas City, and owner of She is a former managing/executive editor of Search Engine Journal, and is a frequent speaker at national digital marketing conferences. In addition to providing content consulting services, Kelsey travels to train and teach clients how to be self-sufficient with their content strategy, generation and production. Like others on this year’s speaker roster, Kelsey is familiar with Launch That, having directed a one-day content workshop in 2018. She returns for her first LaunchCon and will talk about how to strategize, organize and utilize re-purposed content.

  • Ross Simmonds

    Hustle & Grind

    Ross is a marketer, author, consultant and public speaker. He is the founder Hustle & Grind, an eCommerce store for entrepreneurs, is the founder of content marketing agency Foundation, and is a creator of brands ranging from software to physical goods. He has written two books, “Stand Out: The Content Guide for Entrepreneurs,” and “The Hustle Manifesto.” Ross’s passion is discussing business-to-business strategies, tech, good coffee and growth. He is also a returning LaunchCon speaker, and this year’s topic is conversion and answer the question: What does success look like?

LaunchCon 2017

LaunchCon 2017 was our largest and most comprehensive conference so far. For the first time, we broke the day into two tracks – marketing and technology.

We heard from 10 presenters from across the country, and they educated us on content marketing, reputation marketing, SaaS, back-end problem solving, publishing and performance, machine learning and AI, data analysis, data presentation, video branding and content distribution.

Featured speakers were and Ross Simmonds, Rhea Drysdale, Chris Coyle, Jenny Lyons, Kane Jamison, Krissie VanderNoord, Brett Snyder and Allen Kupetz.

We also changed the format in 2017 to include panel discussions with our various speakers, and our employees loved these talks. The AMA panels also allowed presenters to engage with one another in front of us, and it was cool to watch them pick up on new ideas and learn along with us.

LaunchCon 2016

We brought an eclectic mix of speakers and ideas to Orlando in 2016. They were all related to digital marketing in some way: understanding mobile SEO, how to win at social media marketing, what to try when you think you’ve tried everything, how to stay focused in an age of distraction, incremental innovation and a history lesson about Launch That. Featured speakers: Cindy Krum, Marta Turek, Kane Jamison, Brett Snyder, Alan Kupetz and our own David Palombo.

This was the last conference where we featured one-on-one time with speakers. Launch That was a smaller company in 2016, and it made sense to offer a handful of time slots where staffers could ask specific, job-relevant questions of a subject-matter expert.

LaunchCon 2015

Our initial LaunchCon was marketing heavy, and we asked two outside speakers to bombard us with information and ideas. In the end, we learned about generating quality ideas for content marketing, how to tell a story, web analytics and metrics, big data, marketing outreach and successful paid marketing campaigns.

Our presenters: Brett Snyder, Mike King and three of our Rocketeers: Jon Robinson, David Palombo and Rob Rule.

Launchcon 2015 Crowd