LaunchCon 2019 is in the books, and it was our most successful digital marketing conference to date! Check back soon for details about LaunchCon 2020!

What is LaunchCon?

LaunchCon is a one-day conference in downtown Orlando that focuses on digital marketing and ramping up the professional growth of our team. Over the years, this has been our way of bringing cutting-edge training, mentoring and insights from renowned experts to our employees.

It is a day of learning, questioning and inspiration. (There’s also a happy hour at the end of the day that really connects presenters to the talented people on our staff.)

LaunchCon 2019

We brought the focus of LaunchCon 2019 back to the event’s founding concept: to bolster knowledge about core digital marketing topics and trends. This year we homed in on website content, audience and communications.

Six digital experts came to Orlando to illustrate fresh approaches for presenting ideas and concepts, share tips for better understanding the people who read our pages, and explain how building internal language habits can reduce miscommunication and wasted time.

The two AMA panel discussions were fact-filled and lively, and they featured all of our speakers. The experts didn’t always agree on everything, which told us something we already knew — some of the elements of digital marketing, especially SEO and content, can be subjective.

Our 2019 Guest Speakers

  • Abby Covert


    An information architect who works at Etsy, Abby discussed the intricacies of language and presented the concept, "What if developers, designers, writers and project coordinators all used the same terms and took the time to build an agreed-upon project rulebook?"

  • Rhea Drysdale

    Outspoken Media

    Owner of the digital agency Outspoken Media, Rhea showed us how to write web pages based on Google’s understanding and evaluation of sentence and paragraph structures — and discussed how Google’s AI is learning in ways we haven’t yet thought of.

  • Marie Haynes

    Marie Haynes Consulting

    One of the world's foremost experts on Google's algorithms, Marie gave a state-of-search presentation about the last algo refresh and hypothesized what may be coming next.

  • Ross Hudgens

    Siege Media

    A new speaker to LaunchCon, Ross, founder and CEO of Siege Media, gave us his thoughts on developing on-page content strategies and link-building strategies.

  • Kelsey Jones

    Six Stories

    The founder and CEO of Six Stories outlined her process for repurposing content, designing strategies that include various ways to reuse written pages and original images to reach a wider audience.

  • Ross Simmonds

    Hustle & Grind

    Founder of Hustle & Grind, Ross gave us a tour of his expansive mind with a deep dive into how to look at one subject from a wide variety of angles. Content, design, keyword research — there's always a new place to find ideas.

LaunchCon 2017

LaunchCon 2017 was our largest and most comprehensive conference so far. For the first time, we broke the day into two tracks – marketing and technology.

We heard from 10 presenters from across the country, and they educated us on content marketing, reputation marketing, SaaS, back-end problem solving, publishing and performance, machine learning and AI, data analysis, data presentation, video branding and content distribution.

Our 2017 Guest Speakers:

  • Allen Kupetz, KpartnerzAI vs. IQ
  • Mike King, iPullRankMachine Learning
  • Krissie VandeNoordBack End Problem Solving
  • Jon BusdekerDigital Storytelling
  • Ross Simmonds, Hustle & GrindBuilding Your Brand with Constant Experiments
  • Kane Jamison, Content HarmonyMeasuring Content Success
  • Jennifer Lyons, Evergreen DataPresenting Data Effectively
  • Chris Coyer, CodePenSaaS Best Practices, Web Speed and New Publishing
  • Rhea Drysdale, Outspoken MediaLinks and Stuff: Marketing Outreach, Reputation Management

We also changed the format in 2017 to include panel discussions with our various speakers, and our employees loved these talks. The AMA panels also allowed presenters to engage with one another in front of us, and it was cool to watch them pick up on new ideas and learn along with us.

LaunchCon 2016

We brought an eclectic mix of speakers and ideas to Orlando in 2016. They were all related to digital marketing in some way: understanding mobile SEO, how to win at social media marketing, what to try when you think you’ve tried everything, how to stay focused in an age of distraction, incremental innovation and a history lesson about Launch That.

Our 2016 Guest Speakers:

  • Allen Kupetz, KpartnerzIncremental Innovation
  • Cindy Krum, MobileMoxie Understanding Mobile SEO
  • Kane Jamison, Content HarmonyHow to Win at Social Media (and Marketing) with Hyper-Segmented Content
  • Marta Turek, ROI-DNAThe Age of Distraction in an Attention Economy
  • David Palombo, Launch ThatStrong Leadership in a Start-Up World
  • Rhea Drysdale, Outspoken MediaLinks and Stuff: Marketing Outreach, Reputation Management

This was the last conference where we featured one-on-one time with speakers. Launch That was a smaller company in 2016, and it made sense to offer a handful of time slots where staffers could ask specific, job-relevant questions of a subject-matter expert.

LaunchCon 2015

Our initial LaunchCon was marketing heavy, and we asked two outside speakers to bombard us with information and ideas. In the end, we learned about generating quality ideas for content marketing, how to tell a story, web analytics and metrics, big data, marketing outreach and successful paid marketing campaigns.

Our 2015 Guest Speakers:

  • Brett Snyder, KnucklepuckDeveloping and Researching Quality Content Ideas
  • Mike King, iPullRankCapitalizing on Digital Body Language
  • Jon Robinson, Launch ThatLaunchmetrics
  • David Palombo, Launch ThatTell Yourself a Story
  • Rob Rule, Launch ThatHistory of a Successful PPC Campaign
Launchcon 2015 Crowd