We’re not your college buddy’s start-up anymore. We started in a carport-turned-office, and now we enjoy the view from a downtown Orlando high-rise! It’s a place where we like to work hard, snack all day and engage Orlando’s top digital talent. We value new ideas, creativity and productivity. We like people who are passionate about their roles and people who like to grow and change as the company evolves. We have a destination in mind, and we’re going to enjoy the journey, too.

Our office is in the heart of Orlando. We’ve got amazing views, access to great restaurants, a premier movie theater downstairs and plenty to do when the day is over. We are known to have a few company events, and we have a company Uber account to help with transportation. We also have our own bikes.

Perks & Benefits

Matching 401(k)

Employees who work here one year are eligible to join a matching 401(k) retirement plan, which has immediate 100-percent vesting. Your savings add up fast!

Health Care

Nothing is more important than our health. That’s why we offer generous medical, dental and vision benefits, plus an Employee Assistance Plan, to all full-time employees.

Casual Workplace

From flip-flops, blue jeans, t-shirts and ball caps to Xbox, video games, card games and Nerf guns, we like to keep our collaboration loose and fun-loving. Just don’t mistake us for lazy.

Generous PTO

We allocate PTO at the start of the year and let folks use it how they desire. We celebrate all major holidays (and Black Friday!) — and also give everyone the end of the year off (paid), starting Dec. 24!

Free Parking

Launch That pays for 24/7 covered parking in The Plaza garage below our offices. This perk is especially convenient for Orlando Magic and Orlando City games — and on weekends.

Snacks & Games

Our snack bar has plenty of chips, cookies, gum and fruit, and we have unlimited soda and coffee in the kitchen. Our rec room features an Xbox, video arcade, foosball and shuffleboard.

Joining Us

We always look for extraordinary talent. We have people at Launch That who weren’t right for the job they interviewed for but were a fit for something else. We hired them. We also met a few people who were so smart, so forward-thinking and so right for the company that we didn’t like the thought of them working somewhere else. We hired them, too.

But. It’s difficult to get a job here. That’s intentional. We designed our recruiting process to be more arduous for applicants because we want to identify people who are passionate about digital marketing – and can forsake the short-term for a long-term opportunity. We meet a lot of people who like what they see. We want to see if they love what they do.

Your resume probably will start out with more than 100 others. Vetting takes time. If your application raises our eyebrows, you can expect a phone call, an in-person interview (sometimes with multiple people), a skills test and a behavioral assessment. Acknowledging and accepting a long search is part of the process. If you can win your interview and keep your patience, you could end up as a Rocketeer.

Current Openings

We’re always looking for talent. We constantly learn and grow at Launch That, and we also believe we get better when we hire people more talented than we are. If you see a position listed here that sparks your interest, please tell us about you. And if you don’t see something you like, but you think you might want to be a part of Launch That, send us your career story anyway. If you’re great, we’ll make room for you.

UX Designer

Our application developers need someone with a skilled eye and deft touch. We’re looking for a UX Designer to provide that. This person will work on our Operations team to help our app devs create more functional, better looking applications and tools. This role will impact almost everyone at the company by helping us to create more dynamic and useful dashboards, reports, email templates and more.

Apply Here

Web Development Manager

The Web Development Manager is responsible for supervising and performing quality control of Back End Web Developers and Front End Web Developers/Designers. This position also performs key day-to-day web development for one or more of the company’s major projects. This is a leadership position and will manage two or three designers and developers.

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Social Media Specialist

We have a dynamic content team for one of our projects, and we want to add a social media component to it. The ideal candidate will have at least one year of experience running brand- or company-specific asocial media campaigns and also a familiarity with digital marketing. This person will be self-sufficient on developing most creatives but works closely with designers and developers to deliver positive user experiences for website visitors.

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Content Writer

We want a strong storyteller, someone who can paint a picture one day, write news on another and can develop a network of go-to sources in the medical treatment world. We have a strong content team now, and we want to add to it. This job has a mild research component to it, and the rest of it is writing.

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Link Builder

Link building is a core strength for any digital marketing company, and that’s true for us. This position is our entry-level marketing job. It’s a put-your-head down role — and one that puts you in position to learn the fundamentals of inbound marketing from some of the best in the business. We see many first-time professionals step into this role and succeed. What’s more, some of our leaders once were link builders for us. You can establish the foundation for a solid marketing future here if you’re willing to put in the time.

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Other Jobs

It’s possible that you like what you see about Launch That, yet we don’t have an opening right now for the position you want. If that’s the case, we’ve created a way to catch your cover letter and resume anyway. If we like what we see, we’ll stay in touch. Because sometimes the best marriages are ones that take time to happen.

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