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Launch That leverages consulting and technology to maximize the return on your lead generation efforts, optimizing the entire sales and marketing ecosystem from how you get your leads to how you nurture them and ultimately how you close them.

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What We Offer

  • Implementation


    From simple to complex, we have experience implementing Salesforce instances across many different industries. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re getting the most from your organization and licenses for your specific use-case.

  • Custom Development

    Custom Development

    Need a custom feature for Salesforce that’s not in the AppExchange? We’ve built a strong reputation for developing custom functionality that meets your unique needs but also works seamlessly with your existing Salesforce instance.

  • Data Migration

    Data Migration

    We make moving data easy. Whether you’re looking to import, export or just clean up your Salesforce data, we’ll make sure it’s as pain-free and seamless as possible. We’ll even help you sync your data with other databases, partners and tools.

  • Administration


    Looking to take the stress out of administering your organization? Let us handle it for you! Our experienced administrators will work to understand your needs and make sure you get exactly what you want from your Salesforce instance.

  • Reporting


    Seeing key insights about your business shouldn’t be a painful process. Our experts are available to help you generate standard reports, custom dashboards and more, so you can have easy access to the data that matters most to your business.

  • Third-Party Integration

    Third-Party Integration

    There are lots of third-party add-ons for Salesforce that can benefit your business, but it’s not always simple to install and configure them correctly. We can help ensure your added features run smoothly and work as advertised.

Recent Work

Check out some of the projects we've been working on lately.

Auto Generate Documents for Contacts

When working in the Legal industry, there is always a lot of paperwork. Making sure agents are sending the correct paperwork to the correct contacts can sometimes be a lengthy process that inevitably can result in contacts receiving the incorrect documents. We helped our clients with this issue by leveraging another popular Appxchange app, Conga Composer. Using Conga along with a custom tool we were able to have agents click a single button, select the type of document they wanted to create, and then confirm the selected documents. These would then be populated with information from the related Salesforce records and combined into a single PDF document to be either emailed, Docusigned, or printed and mailed. We were able to develop a very easy system that allows documents to be created and assigned records using an easily configurable filter system. This allowed our partner to continuously add additional document types and scenarios without any additional work from our teams.

Custom Lead Conversion Process

Clean data is a big issue that many organizations face. Oftentimes bad data is introduced at the very beginning of the Sales process when a Lead is created. Having duplicate Leads is not in itself a terrible issue, but when you convert those duplicate Leads, duplicate Accounts and Contacts, things can quickly get out of control and have an impact on the rest of the business. Launch That and several of our clients have faced this same issue. So we developed a customizable process that allows agents to step through a few screens to ensure duplicate data is not created. This starts when the Lead is qualified and needs to be converted to an Account, Contact, and Opportunity to pursue the sale further. Rather than simply convert the Lead, we walk the agent through some manual duplicate checks to ensure that we either convert the Lead into an existing Account or Contact, or create them new as needed. Using this process has helped tremendously to cut down on the number of duplicate records and made the process to merge similar contacts into the correct Accounts and Contacts very simple.

Re-Implementation of Existing Salesforce

One of our clients had purchased Salesforce over a year ago and started to use it, but floundered and stopped using it. They then reached out to us to see what we could do to assist and get them back on board with the platform. We were able to sit down with the CEO and Sales Leader to determine where their pain points were in the process and we ended up coming up with a solution. The problem wasn’t that they disliked Salesforce, more so they were not sure how to use it. We were able to get them setup with a very simply and lightly customized out of the box Salesforce using the new Lightning experience. On top of this we were able to set up Pardot forms on their various sites and pages to drive leads into the system and allow them to setup email nurturing campaigns to retain existing clients. The last piece of the puzzle was connecting their current project and time tracking application with Salesforce so they had a single source they could go to and see the total sale as well as the time and money spent on the services they offered. These few simple steps along with some training on the platform allowed them to embrace Salesforce again and start to gain some better insights out of their data.

Integrate Custom and 3rd Party Apps to Streamline Qualifications

A lot of the struggles a client deals with are related to ensuring that processes are easy enough to follow and use. One of these situations occurred when agents had to collect sensitive health information over the phone to determine if they were a good fit for their program. This collection of information was time consuming and many times had to be done over a few phone calls. We were able to streamline their process by implementing an interactive wizard that allowed the questions to be answered in a quicker manner and skip any unnecessary questions based on previous questions. Along with this we worked very closely with a 3rd party app that can quickly verify insurance benefits. We were able to help guide the development of this application and ensure it was a good fit for our partner. Between the streamlined questions and the verification app, the total time spent on this stage was greatly decreased and allowed agents to determine if clients were a good fit typically on the same phone call.

Meet the Team

Our team of certified Salesforce Administrators, Pardot Consultants, Developers & App Builders

  • Jon RobinsonJon RobinsonChief Operating Officer
  • Tony SerinoTony SerinoDirector of Product Development
  • Kyle McMahonKyle McMahonDirector of Consulting Services
  • Ryan KohnRyan KohnSalesforce Consultant
  • James CaryJames CarySalesforce Consultant & Product Developer
  • Jonathon BernazarJonathon BernazarSalesforce & Pardot Consultant
  • Van KwanVan KwanSalesforce Consultant
  • Robert RodridguezRobert RodridguezSalesforce Consultant
  • Isshy KhamnangIsshy KhamnangSalesforce Developer
  • Amanda LovelessAmanda LovelessProject Manager
  • Jasmine CalderoJasmine CalderoProject Coordinator
  • Mike NicholsMike NicholsUX/UI Developer
  • Robert LesterRobert LesterUX/UI Developer
  • Rhianna SiglerRhianna SiglerSoftware Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Sean McMenaminSean McMenaminProduct Developer
  • Thomas VidasThomas VidasProduct Developer
  • Kyle LutesKyle LutesProduct Developer
  • John DavisJohn DavisProduct Developer