Marketing & Branding

Launch That creates brands and markets them in a variety of cutting-edge ways to create customers for our industry leading partners.

Digital Marketing

Our approach is comprehensive and we use all digital channels that help us grow our brands and our companies.

  • Organic Search

    Search is the primary way most of the world will discover new services and products. We are on the cutting-edge of generating users and interest through Google, Bing and other search channels. This is one of our core competencies, and it feeds into the success of every part of our businesses.

  • Paid Marketing

    We build successful lead-generating campaigns in some of the most competitive industries on the internet. Our channels include AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and more.

  • Social Media

    Users are on social platforms more than any other place on the internet. Facebook is a primary driver of interest. Within it, you can create a community, send key messages to potential customers and generate interest for your services and products.

  • Outreach

    Developing a lineup of impressive assets is not enough in this world where everyone has the ability to create. We execute strategies to connect with influencers, find opportunities for awareness and develop long-term relationships that can grow our brands.


Launch That creates authentic, high-quality and powerful brands.


Design starts with a problem to be solved. Our creatives solve problems by making our sites, assets and brands more appealing to our users. We aim to create more intuitive interfaces that make it easier for our users to get the information they need and accomplish their goals.

Content Development

No marketing approach works without comprehensive and engaging content. Journalists, experts and researchers develop informative and influential web pages that answer readers’ questions. This builds trust and long-term stability for our brands.

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